Disco & Stars

Ended my evening with a good talk about the future with my loverbum. Slept in, then woke up & had cereal & watched ‘Little Einsteins’ with Talya & Zeb. Then I had the best talk with my Aunt Carolyn, she always guides me to the right path.

Went on the best hike I’ve ever been on & realized just how much I love SLC… Oh, & how out of shape my ass is. Note to self: Don’t wear granny panties on hikes when it’s hot outside. Nope not even ashamed. Just pissed that I was dying of heat the whole time.

The kids and I went to the park & road on the paddle boats after we had a picnic. There were brand new ducklings swimming everywhere. Talya and Zeb looked adorable in their little life jackets. Kind of like orange marshmallows. I love them so much.

It’s been a lovely day… I am so blessed to live such a good life. Namaste dolls…

Ps. A disco ball intertwined with some stars… Yes please!

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