If You’re Suffering From Low Self Esteem…

The best part of my day so far was seeing Roxy almost (ALMOST) pee when she saw me this morning because she was so happy to see me. Granted, she’s a dog. But damn, I can’t remember the last time someone was THAT happy to see me in nothing but my nightgown with zit cream on my face. If you’re suffering from low self esteem, stop bitching, and go adopt a dog. Have a fabulous Tuesday gorgeous!

11 thoughts on “If You’re Suffering From Low Self Esteem…

  1. this reminds me of a friend of mine – his girlfriend told him it was either her or the dog so he said “I’ll lock you both in the boot of the car and the one who is most excited to see me after an hour can stay” you can guess what happened to her!

  2. Ok this is just too cute! I can’t watch the soldiers coming home vidoes usually cause they’re too sad but this I can do. You just gave me a whole new set of youtube videos to expolore lol! Made my day!

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