Today I’ve committed to


I’d love for you to join me. Happy Saturday, sweets!

10 thoughts on “Today I’ve committed to

    • Well that was a very sweet thing to say! Wow, thank you so much for the compliment. So happy to hear that you connect with the things that speak to me, as well! I hope you have a great Earth Day!!

    • Thank you Tess! Well, I am constantly running from whatever I am doing up to my office to type random thoughts that pop in my head throughout the day. It’s like if I don’t write it RIGHT THEN it slips away (I have ADHD and my attention span isn’t always the best). If I’m not by the computer I record my idea with the words I’d like to use on my phone and then email that to myself. I have so many drafts saved it’s crazy. Also, when browsing the web, I am constantly bookmarking things. I have specific bookmarks, for example: Inspiration, fitness, recipes, videos to watch, favorite design blogs, favorite fashion blogs, etc.

      That’s what works for me:) hope it helps. Happy Earth Day Tess!!

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